One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The day before hell.?


Today is practically awesome since I am able to get my ass outta the house.. Woke up at 730am.. My eyes can barely open..All da way to midvalley, wth jam some more.. atleast an hour. Life in KL is great. Accompanied grandparents to see the doctor… Grandma doing an eye surgery..URGH. the details is horrifying… Last but not least, Starbucks. THe sensation feeling. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack., It feeeels so if I was reborn.. haha~ I heart Starbucks more than guys. :P


Good News over, bad news arrives. Finals was over a couple of week ago. And I am not exactly sure whether have I given my best shot. And I am about to find it our, TOMORROW. I am crossing my finger so badly it almost break that I would not flunk my results. Oh please Lord. Have some mercy on this dude.EEEEEeeeeeek,! whatever shit also, have to face it somehow. What done is done and cannot be undone. :)


p/s: Life is about to get interesting..:)





Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Inspirer & Motivator..


At first, people say your lover can be the motivator. The inspirer for you to do whatever shit you wanna do. How true can it be. Seriously, it’s all a lie. Love is seriously like a demotivator especially when the roller coaster is going down an endless end. Been there. Done that. Not gonna repeat it. No no.

The I took the time off, seriously a hell lot of time off especially in the night to think about..stuffs. Two damn thing that is my BIGGEST motivatior is..

1. Starbucks.

Seriously, I cannot live without coffee( more specific, starbucks) Gotta have it now and then. Kinda a bad habit especially during college hours. It just come flowing down my throat like free water. It gives me that certain satisfaction that, ‘hey, life isnt that bad after all aint it'?’. That kind of satisfaction. Crazy much?  Now I am actually crazily craving for starbucks. Cross my finger I satisfy that cravings tomoro..~ :3

2. Music

Music. The impact of music. Hmmm.. How am I gonna describe it. It’s either I walk to classes, meals, bed.. there is always the earphone glued to my ears. I might be deaf soon too. Maybe. I dont know why nor how music effects me. It just did. Everytime a dingle melody plays, it feels like I;, dreaming. Its either that, that piece of music has certain value or memories to me.. or maybe the words that it speaks blew me away. To close my eyes and listen to the rhythm.  The beat. Everything for a moment seems okay. It feels as though time stop fer a while. The moment I wish it never ended. I wish it could play a never ending beat. When it ends, Hell comes back.





Being Positive.


Do you know how that we always give positive advice to people but never actually follow it. It’s like we are being so helpful and positive in helping people getting over their negativity when we ourselves are stuck in the gloomy world of negative auras. I have gone through that thousands of time. is that just me being nice and friendly or is that me trying to pretend to be nice.?

How can it be when there is an urge to be positive for someone but not be positive for your own sake. Every time something positive blurted out from me, it feels good. Cuz I knew that atleast someone is going through the right way. But why is it never me to follow my same damn advice i gave others.? Why is it when life pulls other people down, we are there to pull them up again. But when life pulls me down, I can’t even be there for me. Whatever I say to myself when into my left ear and straight out the right ear. Why can’t I take in advice? That hard? Didnt sound so hard though.