One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My 2011 Birthday~ :)


Its the time of the year where you get excited to received endless wishes and surprises from the people you love.loved.and even strangers or people you barely knew. It’s my time. 4.11.2011. The day I born into the world without knowing the misery plus a little joy here and there that awaits. I actually thought this year would be at least different. Maybe  just a little bit different. Guess not then. Since it happened earlier than I expected. Anyhow, I vow to move on with what I have with the people around me. It’s life after all. What is there to waste? =] 

A day before my day. Was kinda bad. I had class as early 8 in the morning. and as late as 6 in the evening. What a spoiler. tsk.! Anyhow. I managed through it. Blabbering and emoing the whole day. I forced myself to squash since there is nothing else I could possibly do. lol~ felt on my ass trying to move backwards too fast.. Legs!! why you give up on me so fast.!!! as it come closer to 12midnight. That feelings become stronger. Geez. Emo sial. About 11pm, my friend drag me all the way to Subang. Had Nasi Goreng Ketam. Party much.? Atleast I am not stuck in my room emoing. atlast, 12am. SMSs and calls from my friends really did make my day. those sms and calls meant so much more than those posts on facebook. No offence. But it really meant alot. Though I was hoping you are the first. But anyhow. Reached my room about 130am. Roomies was all alseep. Havent bath. T^T.. that is scary. Took a fast one though. =]

Went back home. had a venti size Starbucks. Awesome. It just feels so gooood. haha~ in the evening, ordered pizza but that bloody pizza men actually took 2 freaking hours to deliver it.! dude. I almost died of starvation. Geez. Anyhow. Celebrating with family brings joy to me. Its simple. Its cosy. Its warm.

The post birthday for me was freakingly awesome. Had it with ma babes. Surprisingly a friend showed up which I thought she was not coming. Almost got a heart attack. Jeezz. Pissed off at you for no reason. You see what you made me do? lololololol~ Had barbeque plaza. LOTS OF MEAT. I just love meat. It is freakingly awesome. why do meat taste so good? tsk. haha~ Two dudes from China joined us. Apparently, it was awkward. lol~ So hard to understand what are they saying. Their language and tone sounds ancient. haha~ Had tutti fruti~ almost RM20! haha..~ Not one me anyhow. hoho~ But I spent my another two budyy..=_________=… hhaha. Had crepes too. first time. It tastes super delicious.~ OOOOOOooo. I just love food. If only my size wouldnt grow any larget each time I consumed it. lol.

To conclude. Everything was awesome. With or without it. I am just thankful for the people who wishes me. You guys made my day. My life is not boring nor dull. Its awesome.



                    My awesome Birthday cake. Chocolate.!!!! :3


                             Make a wish.? I did. Tons of them. :)

     IMG_1295[1]           IMG_1296[1]IMG_1300[1]       IMG_1303[1]

                   2011-11-05 15.09.35 - Copy    2011-11-05 15.10.54 - Copy    2011-11-05 15.11.18   2011-11-05 15.13.35             

    2011-11-05 15.13.52     2011-11-05 15.16.51

                                          2011-11-05 15.17.33    2011-11-05 15.17.14

2011-11-05 15.20.22   2011-11-05 15.21.13

                                          2011-11-05 15.17.57    2011-11-05 15.21.40

 2011-11-05 15.20.44   2011-11-05 15.29.15

                                                   2011-11-05 15.28.12

2011-11-05 15.23.16


I love my babes. They are awesome human beings. =]


                                       I love Me.Starbucks.~ :)


Peaced out Babes. Dudes.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The day before hell.?


Today is practically awesome since I am able to get my ass outta the house.. Woke up at 730am.. My eyes can barely open..All da way to midvalley, wth jam some more.. atleast an hour. Life in KL is great. Accompanied grandparents to see the doctor… Grandma doing an eye surgery..URGH. the details is horrifying… Last but not least, Starbucks. THe sensation feeling. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack., It feeeels so if I was reborn.. haha~ I heart Starbucks more than guys. :P


Good News over, bad news arrives. Finals was over a couple of week ago. And I am not exactly sure whether have I given my best shot. And I am about to find it our, TOMORROW. I am crossing my finger so badly it almost break that I would not flunk my results. Oh please Lord. Have some mercy on this dude.EEEEEeeeeeek,! whatever shit also, have to face it somehow. What done is done and cannot be undone. :)


p/s: Life is about to get interesting..:)





Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Inspirer & Motivator..


At first, people say your lover can be the motivator. The inspirer for you to do whatever shit you wanna do. How true can it be. Seriously, it’s all a lie. Love is seriously like a demotivator especially when the roller coaster is going down an endless end. Been there. Done that. Not gonna repeat it. No no.

The I took the time off, seriously a hell lot of time off especially in the night to think about..stuffs. Two damn thing that is my BIGGEST motivatior is..

1. Starbucks.

Seriously, I cannot live without coffee( more specific, starbucks) Gotta have it now and then. Kinda a bad habit especially during college hours. It just come flowing down my throat like free water. It gives me that certain satisfaction that, ‘hey, life isnt that bad after all aint it'?’. That kind of satisfaction. Crazy much?  Now I am actually crazily craving for starbucks. Cross my finger I satisfy that cravings tomoro..~ :3

2. Music

Music. The impact of music. Hmmm.. How am I gonna describe it. It’s either I walk to classes, meals, bed.. there is always the earphone glued to my ears. I might be deaf soon too. Maybe. I dont know why nor how music effects me. It just did. Everytime a dingle melody plays, it feels like I;, dreaming. Its either that, that piece of music has certain value or memories to me.. or maybe the words that it speaks blew me away. To close my eyes and listen to the rhythm.  The beat. Everything for a moment seems okay. It feels as though time stop fer a while. The moment I wish it never ended. I wish it could play a never ending beat. When it ends, Hell comes back.





Being Positive.


Do you know how that we always give positive advice to people but never actually follow it. It’s like we are being so helpful and positive in helping people getting over their negativity when we ourselves are stuck in the gloomy world of negative auras. I have gone through that thousands of time. is that just me being nice and friendly or is that me trying to pretend to be nice.?

How can it be when there is an urge to be positive for someone but not be positive for your own sake. Every time something positive blurted out from me, it feels good. Cuz I knew that atleast someone is going through the right way. But why is it never me to follow my same damn advice i gave others.? Why is it when life pulls other people down, we are there to pull them up again. But when life pulls me down, I can’t even be there for me. Whatever I say to myself when into my left ear and straight out the right ear. Why can’t I take in advice? That hard? Didnt sound so hard though.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The day of only fun.. grandpa brought me to pavillion..He wanted to belanja me eat.. But there is so many choices I ended up eating spring rolls and bubble tea.. A moment where I sat alone, I felt guilt that overwhelms me..The guilt of ignoring him.. Saw him walking.. He's old..And Im big enough to differentiate..I should respect him more..Love him more.. Help him more.. Its my duty.. I hate myself that moment for treating him like that.. I promised. I will not raise my voice. I will not complained when he ask for help. I will treat him a whole lot better. I love him. I will change..=]

Today..another day I hang out with high school friends.. My sis did once asked me a ques, why did you hang out with classmates from another class..what happen to ur own classmates?...I also tak tau.. I've been rarely hanging out with my own classmates..dunno where all run Anyway, I had a great time today.. There was alot screaming going on the karaoke, this is my first time goin to an K-room...=.=...wait wait..dont laugh yet ok..I have my reasons..Imma good diligent student ok...LOL.. There was alot standing up..screaming ...woots..Those great times.. Then went bowling..=.=...I throw the ball asyik masuk longkang..muz be my hand..sudah senget..Then later hang kai...walk until leg sudah mau collapse...Conclusion..I wished time hadnt passed that fast..wanna feel that moment more..


Saturday, February 19, 2011

A week more..

CNY was over yesterday..Didnt manage to throw an orange to the river though....zzz...
ah..who more week stuck here .. then im back to cyber..where all the hell begins.. I juz got to know that i will be having short sem for the first sem of my first i thought it was a good thing...ended up i have to double the credit hours...n I only have 8 weeks be4 finals.. = =... woi MMU, mau bunuh I ka..? I baru start degree leh!! Janganla bunuh I cepat sangat...= =... I sudah freaking out.. Im getting cold skin lately...

Cold skin as in those fish-type-cold..zz....Just now went pasar malam..fush...after about 45mins of hang grandpa stop at the guava stall...I wanted guavas...XD....he was picking..and suddenly I ask him hurry up... I look around and eveything was quite blur.. Terpusing otaku...the orange light of the pasar malam twisted my head one...zz..I ended up squatting down...zzz....Cold skin...Whats happening to me!?!!!!?!?!...= =.

oh yea...My high school peeps visited me a few days ago...sorry cnt layan properly luu....Kinda sick...which I ended up really sick ... haha... but I had fun with u guys here.. U guys bring back memories...X)..

~oNLY If YoU came..~


Friday, February 4, 2011

The First day of CNY....^^

After months waiting for the day to come.. It finally Arrived..ah..before that..Couple of day before the-big-day..I just only found out I have freaking no new Clothes..Only a pair of jeans..= =...So not planning to wear ma birthday suit on that day..Went to TimE Square and venture for hours...ended up with 3 clothes bought..= =...zz.. Anyways..CNY are all about family gathering but why dont I felt those bonds..The only thing I felt was, bonds that was tanggling half way..zz..Ah..forget it...

The great thing unmarried person has eyes on it..This year seems better..cousin from Johor came..XDDD...Was kinda busy with friends on the first day..They almost blew me off..Pheww...Luckily Im able to 'unblew' it..My life almost flew away..Damn Conclusion is..This CNY are almost the same as every year.. Nothing much different yet for now..XD

Im on my Foundation break for ONE MONTH... God...Im bored like hell..This is so gonna kill my brain cells..zz..Then after that One month..I will be starting my degree.. I realised we wont be spending much time together as we always do.. It seems you're more happier with them...more open towards them..So its long as there's that silly grin upon your face, I will back off..and make your life miserable free.. The only thing i can put in my head now is to 'balance'..Im still searching for the balance of my life..Everything seems up and down..Nothing is stable yet..Guess I'll juz have to search harder...

Tomoro off to Melaka...yay..!..More red packets..XDD..chiao..~


Thursday, January 27, 2011

The End of the Old Beginning...

About a year ago..I post on my blog saying how excited I am In Starting college. But now I'm posting saying how time flew by so fast juz like that, that I now ended my First year a few days ago. It's a sad thing i couldn't end it with the course mates in Melaka campus cuz I end in here all alone. Ah..what done is done..Regret or not..I have to move on.. Alot have been happening the past one Year. Bitter sweet memories all stored up in a box in my mind which I'm gonna label 'Old Beginning'.. Stored it there just like that.. Maybe i could open it up one day and say 'Ah, those memories..' with a tiny curl upon my lips.. But I long those memories will stay..? They say that 'Nothing Last Forever'..I can only half agree with that statement

Anyways..I'm going to degree soon..I'm on a 'forced-vacation' for one damn month..At first it was a 'yay-me'..Then I found out how boring it was..Stuck at home facing the Laptop 24 hours straight..A good things perhaps..? Spend time watching movie..reading books i had "no-time" reading..haha..XD..One month..I beet time will fly just like that..In a snap on a finger...I will be starting my first year in Degree..Cross my finger I am mentally prepared..haha...Oh yeah..One bloody thing I am not that looking forward too is making new friends..Since I'm the only one from Foundation in Cyber going to Degree..zz..New friends on da way..always putting hope on myself that i start making the move to say 'Hey there..Nice meeting ya'..that kind of personality instead of sitting in the corner..A problematic attitude of mine that needed to be changed.. This time, I will make wise choices in making new friends..Dont wanna end up hurting myself all over again..

The worst thing that causes me was you. At first thinking that 'Hey, we could be that type of friend'..The true ones that can be there for each other..Instead, your other friends influences on you is too high..I ended up not only hurting you but my feelings as well.. At first it was all bareable..but it soon start to wear me off..I get tired is asking you stuff...cuz u always give an answer that is in between a yes and a no..Im clueless..I wont be there forcing nor asking u no more..I aint up doing that..It will only harm me instead of making me happy..You seem happy with the others..So be it..=]

Another favourite daily quote..'Don't Know Don't care'..aish.. You should care more often..It a nice thing to do..Instead of going..'Hey, Its non of my business dude'..People can feel that..Sometimes you're just too formal in words.. When you do that, I cannot tell whether what kind of tone are you on..And I may misunderstand it..Mostly, formal languages are serious intonation.. So, I sometimes get the wrong idea..You're the one thing that I dont want to regret doing. Im going against all odds by doing it..And I am not regretting any moment or seconds of it. I just hope a little more of you..Yes, you once said 'First Timer'..But it was long're no longer a first timer..I meant not to hurt in saying this..Actions do speak louder than words..

~The End of the Old Beginning...A Start of A New Beginning...~


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas !...^^


"Blessed Merry Christmas...! I know its a day away but hey, Christmas mood already lah. Anyway, Christmas gas been a significant season, or as they called it festivity. I dont call it a festivity for me. I dont believe in Santa. But I believe in Christ who was born on 25th about 2k year ago. Christmas is more than significant, Its when my ex, you know who, asked me to be his girlfriend. This I'd never forget, but as you've said, move on. And you're right. After the youth camp Ive went,Ive actually learn alot. To be humble, To love your enemies, to deal with problems but dont be scared of it. Just wanna let you know that, Im thankful. I thank God for you. As you were there for me.I appreciate. I really do. And as we grow up, I really pray that we'd never lose contact. No matter in what circumstances. Take care k."

I will always be there. no matter up or down. as u were also there for me..From the inner and bottom of my heart, im greatful to have a buddy like you. we will never lose contact..i promise you that..ah..I love you, buddy..cross my finger so badly..we will always stay in touch...Merry Christmas...=]

Although couldnt celebrate Christmas with u. atleast, you're still there... you're the best christmas gift that a person can ever want...X)...wishing the gift would last..X)

Merry Christmas..^^


Saturday, December 18, 2010

My christmas wish list..!

ooo....Christmas is so around the corner..!!
let me seee...what i want eh...

1. The story books i drool over in MPH...(ask from mum perhaps?)
2. The teddy bear I yearns to hug....!
3. more collector)..X)
4. i wanna tattoo my hands...
5. ipod touch...(grandma, i wan
6. the only intangible item. is you.

Christmas is the day where u gather around with family n friends and enjoy those moments....
its not actually bout the gifts, but the warm feeling u get from surrounded by your love ones..
enjoy the the ppl whom love u back...its a special day anywayz..=]

My Christmas wishes are that
anyways...i cross my fingers, ur Christmas wish come true as well...=]