One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My 2011 Birthday~ :)


Its the time of the year where you get excited to received endless wishes and surprises from the people you love.loved.and even strangers or people you barely knew. It’s my time. 4.11.2011. The day I born into the world without knowing the misery plus a little joy here and there that awaits. I actually thought this year would be at least different. Maybe  just a little bit different. Guess not then. Since it happened earlier than I expected. Anyhow, I vow to move on with what I have with the people around me. It’s life after all. What is there to waste? =] 

A day before my day. Was kinda bad. I had class as early 8 in the morning. and as late as 6 in the evening. What a spoiler. tsk.! Anyhow. I managed through it. Blabbering and emoing the whole day. I forced myself to squash since there is nothing else I could possibly do. lol~ felt on my ass trying to move backwards too fast.. Legs!! why you give up on me so fast.!!! as it come closer to 12midnight. That feelings become stronger. Geez. Emo sial. About 11pm, my friend drag me all the way to Subang. Had Nasi Goreng Ketam. Party much.? Atleast I am not stuck in my room emoing. atlast, 12am. SMSs and calls from my friends really did make my day. those sms and calls meant so much more than those posts on facebook. No offence. But it really meant alot. Though I was hoping you are the first. But anyhow. Reached my room about 130am. Roomies was all alseep. Havent bath. T^T.. that is scary. Took a fast one though. =]

Went back home. had a venti size Starbucks. Awesome. It just feels so gooood. haha~ in the evening, ordered pizza but that bloody pizza men actually took 2 freaking hours to deliver it.! dude. I almost died of starvation. Geez. Anyhow. Celebrating with family brings joy to me. Its simple. Its cosy. Its warm.

The post birthday for me was freakingly awesome. Had it with ma babes. Surprisingly a friend showed up which I thought she was not coming. Almost got a heart attack. Jeezz. Pissed off at you for no reason. You see what you made me do? lololololol~ Had barbeque plaza. LOTS OF MEAT. I just love meat. It is freakingly awesome. why do meat taste so good? tsk. haha~ Two dudes from China joined us. Apparently, it was awkward. lol~ So hard to understand what are they saying. Their language and tone sounds ancient. haha~ Had tutti fruti~ almost RM20! haha..~ Not one me anyhow. hoho~ But I spent my another two budyy..=_________=… hhaha. Had crepes too. first time. It tastes super delicious.~ OOOOOOooo. I just love food. If only my size wouldnt grow any larget each time I consumed it. lol.

To conclude. Everything was awesome. With or without it. I am just thankful for the people who wishes me. You guys made my day. My life is not boring nor dull. Its awesome.



                    My awesome Birthday cake. Chocolate.!!!! :3


                             Make a wish.? I did. Tons of them. :)

     IMG_1295[1]           IMG_1296[1]IMG_1300[1]       IMG_1303[1]

                   2011-11-05 15.09.35 - Copy    2011-11-05 15.10.54 - Copy    2011-11-05 15.11.18   2011-11-05 15.13.35             

    2011-11-05 15.13.52     2011-11-05 15.16.51

                                          2011-11-05 15.17.33    2011-11-05 15.17.14

2011-11-05 15.20.22   2011-11-05 15.21.13

                                          2011-11-05 15.17.57    2011-11-05 15.21.40

 2011-11-05 15.20.44   2011-11-05 15.29.15

                                                   2011-11-05 15.28.12

2011-11-05 15.23.16


I love my babes. They are awesome human beings. =]


                                       I love Me.Starbucks.~ :)


Peaced out Babes. Dudes.


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