One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The End of the Old Beginning...

About a year ago..I post on my blog saying how excited I am In Starting college. But now I'm posting saying how time flew by so fast juz like that, that I now ended my First year a few days ago. It's a sad thing i couldn't end it with the course mates in Melaka campus cuz I end in here all alone. Ah..what done is done..Regret or not..I have to move on.. Alot have been happening the past one Year. Bitter sweet memories all stored up in a box in my mind which I'm gonna label 'Old Beginning'.. Stored it there just like that.. Maybe i could open it up one day and say 'Ah, those memories..' with a tiny curl upon my lips.. But I long those memories will stay..? They say that 'Nothing Last Forever'..I can only half agree with that statement

Anyways..I'm going to degree soon..I'm on a 'forced-vacation' for one damn month..At first it was a 'yay-me'..Then I found out how boring it was..Stuck at home facing the Laptop 24 hours straight..A good things perhaps..? Spend time watching movie..reading books i had "no-time" reading..haha..XD..One month..I beet time will fly just like that..In a snap on a finger...I will be starting my first year in Degree..Cross my finger I am mentally prepared..haha...Oh yeah..One bloody thing I am not that looking forward too is making new friends..Since I'm the only one from Foundation in Cyber going to Degree..zz..New friends on da way..always putting hope on myself that i start making the move to say 'Hey there..Nice meeting ya'..that kind of personality instead of sitting in the corner..A problematic attitude of mine that needed to be changed.. This time, I will make wise choices in making new friends..Dont wanna end up hurting myself all over again..

The worst thing that causes me was you. At first thinking that 'Hey, we could be that type of friend'..The true ones that can be there for each other..Instead, your other friends influences on you is too high..I ended up not only hurting you but my feelings as well.. At first it was all bareable..but it soon start to wear me off..I get tired is asking you stuff...cuz u always give an answer that is in between a yes and a no..Im clueless..I wont be there forcing nor asking u no more..I aint up doing that..It will only harm me instead of making me happy..You seem happy with the others..So be it..=]

Another favourite daily quote..'Don't Know Don't care'..aish.. You should care more often..It a nice thing to do..Instead of going..'Hey, Its non of my business dude'..People can feel that..Sometimes you're just too formal in words.. When you do that, I cannot tell whether what kind of tone are you on..And I may misunderstand it..Mostly, formal languages are serious intonation.. So, I sometimes get the wrong idea..You're the one thing that I dont want to regret doing. Im going against all odds by doing it..And I am not regretting any moment or seconds of it. I just hope a little more of you..Yes, you once said 'First Timer'..But it was long're no longer a first timer..I meant not to hurt in saying this..Actions do speak louder than words..

~The End of the Old Beginning...A Start of A New Beginning...~


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