One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

One Heart..One Love..One Hope..

Friday, February 4, 2011

The First day of CNY....^^

After months waiting for the day to come.. It finally Arrived..ah..before that..Couple of day before the-big-day..I just only found out I have freaking no new Clothes..Only a pair of jeans..= =...So not planning to wear ma birthday suit on that day..Went to TimE Square and venture for hours...ended up with 3 clothes bought..= =...zz.. Anyways..CNY are all about family gathering but why dont I felt those bonds..The only thing I felt was, bonds that was tanggling half way..zz..Ah..forget it...

The great thing unmarried person has eyes on it..This year seems better..cousin from Johor came..XDDD...Was kinda busy with friends on the first day..They almost blew me off..Pheww...Luckily Im able to 'unblew' it..My life almost flew away..Damn Conclusion is..This CNY are almost the same as every year.. Nothing much different yet for now..XD

Im on my Foundation break for ONE MONTH... God...Im bored like hell..This is so gonna kill my brain cells..zz..Then after that One month..I will be starting my degree.. I realised we wont be spending much time together as we always do.. It seems you're more happier with them...more open towards them..So its long as there's that silly grin upon your face, I will back off..and make your life miserable free.. The only thing i can put in my head now is to 'balance'..Im still searching for the balance of my life..Everything seems up and down..Nothing is stable yet..Guess I'll juz have to search harder...

Tomoro off to Melaka...yay..!..More red packets..XDD..chiao..~